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Value Expert Group experience stems from real life problems and various industries.


What We Do?


Do necessary diagnosis and identify all leverages and hurdles that will hinder a company's growth.


Establish clear short, medium and long term plans based on the specific strategic development for the company.


Grow through the execution of the strategic development plan established for the company.

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Selected Projects

Go To Market

Go To Market strategy in the FMCG

Our company has conducted multiple GTM strategies in the food, diapers, frozen food and batteries.
Strategic Development

Development needs strategy

Our proven processes allow our customers to establish a clear strategic development plan that takes into account all the objectives, initiatives and steps required in order to achieve the company's growth strategy. 

Organizational change and performance

Turnaround management is a key value added at Value Expert Group. Thanks to our long management experience, we can truly invest our skill for the best of your company.
Balanced Scorecard

Performance tracking and analysis

Balanced scorecard process allows a company to better integrate its strategic plan in the company's performance and helps all the managers to reach their specific goals.

Trusted by Unique Companies:

FMCGFrozen foodhardware storeAuto repairrestaurant chain

How We Work

As Is

A global  assessment of the company is necessary to understand the different issues and opportunities.

Market research and benchmark

Identify the best in class processes and products/services. Set the standards to be reached.

Should be

Where we should go  plus identifying organization capabilities gap.

Strategic plan

Aligning the organization on the strategic objectives and the sequencing and prioritization.


Project management and execution of the strategic plan.

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From our Blog

January 3, 2023
What's entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting and running a business venture. It involves identifying a need or opportunity in the market, developing a product or service to meet that need, and then bringing that product or service to market. Entrepreneurs are individuals who take on the risk and responsibility of starting and growing a business. They are typically innovators who are willing to take calculated risks in order to bring their ideas to life.

Entrepreneurship can involve a wide range of business ventures, from small, home-based businesses to large, multinational corporations. It can also encompass a variety of industries, from technology and retail to healthcare and education. The key to entrepreneurship is identifying a need or opportunity in the market and developing a product or service to meet that need in a profitable way.

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January 3, 2023
Une vague d’entrepreneur s’échoue sur le sable marocain

The article suggests that in order to create a successful business in Morocco, it is important to focus on the underdeveloped areas of the Cyber World, including e-commerce and online platforms, and to bring original and innovative ideas to the market. It is also suggested that the education and knowledge industry is a profitable market in Morocco, with companies specializing in tutoring, language learning, and other forms of training in high demand.

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May 17, 2021
What's a balanced scorecard and why do we need to have one?

In the early years of the balanced scorecard, each of the four perspectives were shown as being independent of the others. Over time, however, people began to discover that these perspectives affect each other in surprising ways. It turns out that the way we order them matters.

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